February 21, 2009

kick me

one: our conductor makes a snarky comment in rehearsal about last night's encore, which we planned but did not perform. nobody told me we weren't doing it, so I went to set out the necessary stands as people were still applauding, assuming that the conductor was right behind me. he had already bowed three times. fortunately the principal cellist shook her head at me just a tiny bit, and I got the message and put the stands aside. today's comment went something like: 'we'll avoid putting the stands out after the audience has stopped clapping.' he says it to the orchestra, but it's directed at me. it's meant as a joke and I do not laugh.

two: driving out of the parking garage, the girl in the booth takes my credit card, which has an old photo on it, and glances at it. "you were cuter with long hair," she said. "why did you cut it off?"

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