February 28, 2009

equine mine

statement called sincerely to me today, from a distance, by a friend, unprovoked: "I love your butt!"

I finally got out to ride Cookie today. uncharacteristically, she bolted on the lead line as I walked her from barn to arena. sometimes I am amazed by the things horse people get accustomed to, by our well-developed poker faces. she scared the crap out of me but I stood calmly and told her, "easy, easy," and she settled down almost immediately. I think she'd forgotten her face was attached to my arm. afterward I had an internal freak-out, the kind you have when you narrowly avoid a car accident. a post-trauma adrenaline rush.

in the arena she galloped around, snorting and looking over the wall to the broodmare paddock. I let her hang out there for 40 minutes while I cleaned stalls. I was certain she would be a train wreck under saddle but she was fine. nice floaty trot, no bucking. she even cleared a small jump I had assumed she would blow through. up and over, her front legs neatly tucked. she surprised me so much by how clean and eager she had been that I burst out laughing and dropped my stirrup.

a new lesson horse arrived this afternoon, a big broad palomino named Indy. I hopped on him for a turn and put him through his paces. I had to bring out my 'fat' girth. it's been 6 months since I've ridden any horse but Cookie. I used to love to hop on whatever needed riding. it was good to get back to that. riding Indy was like straddling a sofa compared to my little Arab-boned mare. afterward I mucked stalls and partially flattened the poop pile. glamorous, no? I pitchforked that thing for two hours. later on, emptying the dishwasher, my arms got tired putting the mugs on a top shelf. tomorrow is going to be misery.

thankfully tomorrow I have not a single thing planned. I plan on eating a long and luxurious breakfast -- maybe in bed -- and staying in my pajamas all day. best Sunday ever.

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  1. je t'aime.... I still can't believe that girl who told you you looked better with long hair. I hope you told her with SMUG SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS that you gave your hair to cancer patients or whatver (I think that's what you did). Fuck her!

    x x x x x x x tamsle