February 11, 2009


my life lately is like college revisited: many late nights with friends; a lot of raucous laughter in bars; martinis and whiskey; playing pool and shuffleboard. tonight is my first night being home at dinnertime in more than three weeks. it has been exhausting and expensive and absolutely marvelous. I can't remember feeling so much a part of something, or having so much fun. though I am normally solitary and sometimes border on reclusive, I have gotten so accustomed to being surrounded by my friends that when I find myself away from them for more than a day I begin to miss them and wonder what they're up to.

best girlfriends

the show closes on saturday; we begin rehearsal for the next one monday morning. over the weekend an old friend is coming to visit; we plan on riding the tram, going for a hike, going out for brunch, and drinking beers while we catch up on the five years of each others' lives we've missed. I am so tired! but this life is tremendous. I'm so tired, there's nothing else to say except that.

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