February 3, 2009

catching up

the lesson (supertitle script)

flute auditions Saturday, clarinet auditions Sunday; rehearsal every night since last Thursday. at the opera, we are tired. but the show looks great. the singers are amazing, the set and costumes and lighting are incredible, and ohh, the music. the show is creepy and disturbing and beautiful. I wake up and go to sleep with it running through my mind. I kind of never want it to end. but it opens Friday; it hasn't even started yet.

there is not room for much else in my mind these days. this morning a new mare greeted me at the barn. she is very quiet, with a sweet, kind face. she is need of a good grooming, too, but I couldn't spend the time today.

sweet new mare

I don't even know her name, but she stood quietly as I cleaned her stall, and was pleased to have her neck scratched. I haven't ridden Cookie since she nearly bucked me off last week, but it's for lack of time and not lack of courage. this month I will pay the remainder of her purchase fee and she'll be completely mine.

oh, I suppose there's one another thing. my job at the opera -- which in the spring was turned into part-time -- has been completely reinstated. I'll be back to my former full-time glory at the end of this month. that was my sweet, lovely little secret. I did not dare believe it would be true.

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