February 23, 2009


I had forgotten the simple satisfaction of sitting down to a task and having all day to complete it. I went to work all day today, and I go to work all day tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. That might seem boring. But every day I know what my schedule is and how much money I'll make. I don't have to drive to four different places to work a normal work day. I got to sit all day and work on the messy and problematic supertitle score without the huge gnawing worry that by taking my time I was neglecting the 239875 things I was going to have to do in my 20 alloted hours. a full-time librarian again!

to celebrate my return, my boss brought me flowers. I had to keep them in a ridiculous vase until I took them home. by a happy coincidence, tulips just happen to be my favorite.

tulips are my favorite

otherwise life is a fresh awakening. reading begets writing; writing begets reading. running on the river today, the water was so calm, si calme. walking out the back door on her bike, my boss asked me, 'want to run sauvie island with me this summer?' it's a july 4th marathon. I blithely said yes without a thought.

Spring came unexpected. We thought the cold
might last forever, or that despite the thaw
nothing would grow again from us; foresaw
no butter-yellow buds, no birds, no path
outward into a seasoned innocence.
When the circle broke at last it wasn't silence
or speech that helped us, neither faith nor will
nor anything that people do at all;
love made us green for no sure cause on earth
and grew, like our children, from a miracle.

-- from the twelfth year, mary jo salter

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