January 26, 2009

so super

new super 8

see, I am kind of a sucker for old cameras. it's funny -- I'm not even much of a photographer. there's just something so satisfying about the weight of an old camera in your hand; the cool metal, that big old lens. I bought an agfa optima at Goodwill about 18 months ago. I had no idea how or if it worked, but I gave it a home. it has the best viewfinder of any camera I've used.

this morning I was in the market for some picture frames and maybe a $2 book or two, but I couldn't resist the camera bin. piles and piles of mid-'90s point-and-shoots, and there, nestled among them, this treasure.


mine is a gaf anscomatic S/80. info about this particular model is surprisingly hard to come by; even the super 8 wiki says merely "no sound." the best I can come is this little list. ah, that's OK. you were worth every cent of that $4.99.


all of this camera love would not be possible if I hadn't finally replaced my dinosauric HP wonder -- a college graduation gift that my friends have made fun of for years because of its weight and size -- with a zippy little green number. it's not much, but I'm enjoying it.

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  1. treasure indeed. what a score. you are a girl after my own old camera-loving heart.