January 15, 2009

january 15

things I did today, or
being a grownup:

laundry that's been sitting around since before the holidays
cleaned a billion gross dishes
hung a new wreath on the front door
put away the christmas ornaments
(the tree is still up)
took out the trash
had a nice long conversation with ma mere
worked on my budget
paid my bills
took all the dead plant pots outside to the balcony, only to find that the storage room door is stuck shut from all the damp
roasted pumpkins for chili
roasted and prepared spaghetti squash
roasted pumpkin seeds
drank tea
read a real book (OK, one chapter)
made pumpkin risotto
watched three episodes of doctor who
< geek >: [said goodbye to my second doctor who companion (and now I'm stuck with donna, ugh)] < /geek >

now it's past my bedtime. this was a pretty good day.

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