January 21, 2009

an exodus of birds

life lately is colored primarily by an intense gratitude for my friends. oh, you people! we go to brunch, we lounge on each others' couches; we borrow clothes and wash each others' dishes. at least three times in the past week we've caught ourselves saying, "I love us," a sentiment we blurt out usually when we're sneaking a forkful off of someone else's plate. tonight a friend got a cone of frozen yogurt; without blinking, another friend leaned over and took a giant bite off the top. these people are beautiful and sacred to me. they are the biggest force of good.

this week has been composed of days at the barn, productive days at work, nights with friends, and a cold, but wonderful, late afternoon run with a group of great women. riding my horse bareback through the arena yesterday, another rider commented, 'you can tell your horse loves you.'
'she's finally found her person,' my trainer replied. underneath me, Cookie walked along, being careful with me with every step.

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