January 22, 2009


27 things to do before I turn 28 (inspired by, and with thanks to, andrea at hula seventy):

1. Ride in a pedicab
2. Play in the snow on Mt. Hood
3. Go horseback riding on the beach
4. Swim across the Columbia River
5. Learn to shoot a gun
6. Eat crepes at le happy
7. Stay out all night
8. Run a half-marathon
9. Go to Disneyland
10. Read at least one unforgettable book
11. Get a better pair of glasses
12. Take one photobooth picture at Ace Hotel, Ground Kontrol, and Finnegan's
13. Win a ribbon with Cookie in a horse show
14. Learn to do a split
15. Ride the tram
16. Visit the Velveteria
17. Eat sushi at Hiroshi
18. Develop a better writing practice
19. Kiss or be kissed
20. Play skeeball at east burn
21. Watch the Urban Iditarod
22. Teach Cookie a silly trick
23. Spend a girls' weekend at the beach
24. Host a dinner party
25. Finally go to lovely hula hands
26. Get a bike
27. Attend a roller derby bout

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