December 14, 2008


today turned out to be as harrowing as I expected, though in the end I managed to unlock some zen place of acceptance about how cold I was and how long it was taking me to travel the ten mile distance between home and work. which, for the record, was five hours, round trip. even in my zen place, I don't want to talk about it.

instead, I present: Thanksgiving!

the table awaits

table before

It might have been a couple weeks ago but I only unloaded my camera today -- probably for the last time, since its freezing problem hasn't gone away. I only took a handful of photos, but on a day where I have spent most of my time shivering, grouchy, damp, tired, and intensely frustrated, perhaps it's a meaningful exercise to revisit a better moment.

This was hardly my first Thanksgiving away from home; nor was it my first time preparing the meal. But it was my first time preparing the meal at my own place, and also my first time making it by myself. I was not terribly stressed -- I have been involved in meal preparations for everyone's favorite Thursday for at least a decade, since we started hosting at my mother's house -- but I was hoping not to have any major mishaps. I was hosting only three friends, but cooking for closer to 10, because I realized I couldn't part with any of the dishes I had grown accustomed to cooking.

yummiest cranberry sauce in the world

We had all the staples: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, green bean casserole, broccoli rice bake (brought in by a friend), salad, rolls, and two different kinds of cranberry sauce (jellied, plus my homemade kind, pictured above). Not to mention mulled wine, cinnamon cranberry chevre, brie, coffee, baked apples, and egg nog ice cream. As required, all stomachs hurt at the end of the meal.

thanksgiving spread

Afterwards, we sat around playing Mario Kart and watching youtube videos. It was a very next-generation Thanksgiving, but cozy and full of friends. Everybody got to take home lots of leftovers. Personally, I had enough food to cover dinner for over a week.

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