December 22, 2008

kindred spirits everywhere

1. A conversation with Tyler, one of the guys who works for the CD retailer selling music at our shows. We ride the elevator and he says the attic of the church reminds him of the attic in Neverending Story. "That's the second time today something has reminded me of that movie," he says. "Was the first time when you heard somebody call 'Atreyu'?" I asked. "No, it was when I found a luck dragon parked on my street," he replied, straight-faced.

2. My horn player crush came to the show tonight, and when he saw me walking through the lobby he gave me a big hug. He told me he was going to his parents' for the holidays, but not until after Christmas; for this week, he said, he was planning on laying low and maybe going to some Blazers games. "I'm afraid I'm going to spend Christmas in the airport," I said. "If you are stuck, you should come with me to a game," he said. I'm happy to believe he has officially asked me on a date.


it's the middle of the night and I'm sitting in the airport. with any luck I'll be rewarded for having braved the elements every day this week by having my flight leave on-time, as scheduled. COME ON, KARMA. in the meantime I'm watching the battery life ebb quickly from my laptop, and I probably should get some sleep. this place is full of stranded travelers. I want nothing more right now than to be in my mom's house, in my pajamas, on the sofa, with one arm thrown off the cushion and resting on the dog.

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