December 9, 2008

101 in 1001

At the beginning of 2008, I compiled my 101 in 1001 list. It's funny to look back on it now -- at the time I wanted to be specific, and I didn't want to set 101 high-flying, nearly impossible to achieve goals. But now, after nearly a year, they just seem boring. Half of them don't seem important to me at all anymore. I think the idea is good in theory, but for those of us whose hopes and dreams are so mercurial, so occasionally large or small and so fleeting, 1001 days is too long. The list needs constant modification, which misses the point. 

I like Andrea's idea of setting a list before one's next birthday so much more. Maybe I will substitute a "27 goals before I turn 28" list in the near future.

At any rate, I feel compelled to pay homage to the things I longed to have under control when this list was composed, in March. One thousand and one days after that would have been September 28, 2010.  And I might as well update the thing while I'm at it. 

financial (15/101)
1. Pay off credit card debt (card 1)
2. Pay off credit card debt (card 2)
3. Open Roth IRA I did this but put one payment into it and haven't touched it since.
4. Automate IRA payments
5. Fund IRA at least $2000 (2008)
6. Fully fund IRA (2009)
7. Open high-yield savings account 
8. Open account at credit union
9. Save $1000
10. Get credit card interest rate reduced by at least 8 points, or transfer balance to new card
11. Reduce credit card balance by 1/2 I did this -- and then undid it. Oh well.
12. Meticulously track spending for two months another goal completed which serves no purpose to me now
13. Create detailed monthly budget and another!
14. Try envelope budgeting
15. Pay down student loan by 1/2 ($9000)

physical health/exercise (36/101)
1. Get physical
2. Get cholesterol checked
3. Get knee injury correctly diagnosed
4. Do prescribed knee exercises diligently for 30 days I didn't do this but my knee healed in due time anyway
5. Run without pain 
6. Run a marathon (2008) FAILED
7. Run a marathon (2009)
8. Run a marathon (2010)
9. Compete in a triathlon
10. Do a split
11. Get fitness level tested at the gym canceled my gym membership instead
12. Run a sub-7 minute mile
13. Take another trapeze class
14. Switch to a new barn I decided against this for many good reasons
15. Begin horseback riding again
16. Run a sub-4:00 marathon
17. Go to the gym regularly for three months, or cancel membership
18. Switch to Dan Kern's skin regimen I hated it
19. Mentor a Team in Training team I was a mentor but I bailed and I am still embarrassed for how I handled being on the team this year
20. Have all dental work done: crowns and fillings whatever, I'm working on it, and switched to a better dental plan
21. Have regularly scheduled dental cleanings

eating/nutrition/yum yum yum (46/101)
1. Join a CSA and believe it or not, I still have potatoes, onions, and squash
2. Eat 5 servings of fruits/veggies a day for 1 month
3. Drink only water for one week
4. Eat vegetarian for one month
5. Eat locally for one week
6. Eat raw food diet for one week
7. Cook two new recipes a week for one month
8. Swear off coffee for 30 days
9. Regularly take calcium/vitamins
10. Get a cappuccino maker instead of buying drinks all the time I got one but I still buy too much fancy coffee

literary/artistic (59/101)
1. Read all Pulitzer prize winners (9/54 complete)
2. Read at least 52 books (2008) epic, epic fail: I only read 19 books this year, my lowest count in at least 5 years
3. Read at least 52 books (2009)
4. Participate in Nanowrimo (2008) nope
5. Participate in Nanowrimo (2009)
6. Finish tarot card project
7. Write every day for one month
8. Write one letter a day for one month
9. Read James Joyce's Ulysses
10. Practice clarinet once a week or more for three months
11. Join a book club
12. Watch all Academy Award winners (Best Picture)
13. Begin testing clarinets for Kennedy Violins

around the house (72/101)
1. Get a pet fail: I got a cat but we were a terrible match for one another and she has a new home now
2. Create balcony garden which I loved passionately all summer
3. Get 1 GB memory for laptop
4. Get large flat-panel TV
5. Frame photos
6. Get rid of compost and bin I still have it and only wanted to get rid of it because I thought I was moving
7. Replace compost with vermicompost not interested anymore
8. Create organization system for cut-out recipes
9. Make balcony garden lush enough for full privacy
10. Move into cheaper apartment close-in
11. Get a Wii
12. Harness-train Sophia so we can go on walks turns out it's easy to harness train an imaginary cat
13. Create kitchen herb garden I used rosemary and parsley from my garden for Thanksgiving

horizon broadening (84/101)
1. Learn fundamentals in all opera languages: German
2. Italian
3. French (return to previous level of fluency)
4. Visit a country outside North America
5. Take a backpacking trip
6. Hike Oregon PCT
7. Go skiing on Mt. Hood
8. Visit Central/Eastern Oregon
9. See at least 4 states I haven't seen yet
10. Go sandboarding in Oregon Dunes
11. Go snowshoeing
12. See northern lights

work (94/101)
1. Get accepted into MOLA
2. Digitize library
3. Sort through, reorganize personnel files
4. Be recognized by General Director during opening night speech
5. Open 403(b)
6. Get foot in the door at symphony
7. Attend MOLA conference
8. Watch & listen to all operas (2008-2009 season) didn't study up on these and it no longer matters
9. See above (2009-2010 season)
10. Campaign to get Finale

crafty (97/101)
1. Knit colorful blanket for bed/couch in progress
2. Write & publish another zine
3. String paper cranes

miscellaneous (101/101)
1. Get custom-made perfume
2. Cut hair very short and I don't miss my long hair at all
3. Donate hair to Locks of Love
4. Celebrate -- send cards or presents -- all family and friends' birthdays for one year

alas, goals, I knew you.

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